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What does R&D stand for?

Research & Development -make reference to “the story” section of the site


Where can I buy your beer?

Find out where to get our beer on our Beer Finder.


Where are the cans available to purchase?

Most bottle shops throughout the Triangle, Lowes Foods, Total Wine & More, Whole Foods. Find out exactly where our Beer Finder.


Can I buy a cans or kegs directly from you?

You can purchase cans and kegs through our customers. Email us at [email protected] or visit our Beer Finder for a complete list.


Will you package more of your beer?

Yes, we plan to package several styles in cans over the next year.


How can I have the Sprinter at my event?

Email us the details at [email protected] for more information. All events require a special one time permit obtainable through the NC ABC Commission.


Will you donate beer to an event?

All requests can be submitted to [email protected]. A 501 C3 must be in place for consideration.

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Do you have a taproom?

We do not currently have a taproom. We hope to open a new taproom in 2019. Stay tuned via our social media to learn more about our big plans!

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